22 Sep Sunday Sun 20:00
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ESTAS TONNE is embarking on an autumn tour! As part of the International Tour 2024, only one concert in each city YerevanThe musician will visit most of these countries for the first time!  ESTAS TONNE is a musician whose creativity cannot be fully attributed to any of the known musical genres, as his music harmoniously combines a variety of styles. In his extended sound ceremonies, traces of classical guitar, flamenco, and Gypsy music can be heard. Estas also uses electronics, but always delicately, so it is also impossible to classify it as electronic music. The presence of other musicians on stage with him, mastering different instruments and playing techniques, gathered from all over the world, allows us to speak of Estas as a phenomenon of world music, but it is not just world music. Therefore, the main feature of Estas Tonne's musical mission is its awakening, unifying, healing, and transformational aspect. This is evidenced by hundreds of millions of views of his videos on YouTube and hundreds, if not thousands, of concerts around the world. And soon, fans of the musician in Armenia, and the Emirates will be able to experience this firsthand!

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