19 May Sunday Sun 19:00
Karen Demirtchian Sport/Concert Complex
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CINEMA MEDLEY 2 – a grandiose symphonic soundtrack show performed by a great

symphony orchestra, organ and choir!

Continuation of the legendary symphony concert Cinema Orchestra Medley!

The new program has become even larger, even more epic, even more sensual and soulful! You

Incredible emotions await you in the best arenas of Russia!

This time, the Imperial Orchestra will add not only the most modern

digital organ, but also a new mixed choir – Imperial Chorus. Over 100 virtuoso musicians

on the same stage under the direction of conductors Lev Dunaev and Joseph Nurdaev, the famous

soloists and a unique light show - all this is the main symphonic soundtrack show in Russia!

You will hear soundtracks from iconic films of the 21st century, many of which will be performed for the first time in

our country: “The Avengers”, “Transformers”, “The Last Samurai”, “Titanic”, “James Bond”,

“Terminator”, “The Dark Knight”, and, of course, the premiere of the “OPPENGHEIMER” soundtrack.

It is the unique combination of a large symphony orchestra, organ and choir that will allow

perform soundtracks from the films “The Hunger Games”, “Avatar” and “The Lord of the Rings”. Also we don't

left fans of the series unnoticed by including in the program music from the sensational

projects “The Mandalorian”, “The Book of Boba Fett” and “Stranger Things”.

This evening will be filled with music, which makes the atmosphere of each film unique,

music that lives here and now. It is written by our contemporaries - composers who create

a new story in the world of symphonic music - Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Howard Shore, David

Arnold, Steve Yablonsky, etc.

Witness a grandiose show, feel the fullness of the sound of a large symphony

orchestra and choir not through a screen, but at a distance of several meters. Discover

the wonderful world of modern music that has won the hearts of millions of viewers!

Imperial Orchestra & Chorus

120 leading musicians of St. Petersburg

Conductor – Lev Dunaev / Joseph Nurdaev


Ilya Fedoseev – organ

Anna Orlova – soprano

Vladimir Soluyanov – violin

Evgeniy Kogan – cello

Vitaly Pogosyan – duduk

Alexander Tsurkan – Vistula

Alexander Dulin – piano

Dmitry Koshelev – synthesizer

Arranged by Dmitry Koshelev




·The Last Samurai

·The Dark Knight


·Indiana Jones

·Star Wars: The Mandalorian



·Lord of the Rings



·The Hunger Games

·Stranger Things

·James Bond


·mission Impossible*Changes in the composition of the concert participants and the prog

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