2024, Armenia/Russia, 14 min.


Director: Hrant Varzhapetyan



The story is about a large Armenian family accompanying their son to war. In the eyes of everyone he is a hero, confidently fulfilling his duty to the Motherland, but for a 20-year-old guy this is not entirely true.



2024, Armenia, 17 min.


Directors: Marika Dovlatbekyan, Koryun Arzumanyan



The film tells the story of David, who is part of the theater group at the N3 regional pedagogical-psychological support center in Yerevan. One of the directors teaches the group. David falls in love with a girl from the group, Nvard. David feels happy when he sees Nvard, and when they don't meet, he becomes sad. The authors follow the development of David and Nvard's relationship. Concurrently, the authors attempt to uncover David's inner world and worldview. The film narrates the tale of special children and the challenges they encounter in their lives.




2024, Armenia, 24 min.

 Director: Lilit Movsisyan

 A man and a woman meet on a street. His car is broken, and she offers her help. After a small talk it becomes obvious that the woman is a sex worker. She agrees to have a ride with him for an ice cream. As their story unfolds, it becomes clear — they're not strangers, but a married couple escaping the ordinary through a playful game, injecting excitement into their everyday lives.


 2024, Armenia, 20 min. 

Director: Arthur Sukiasyan

 After the death of their beloved son Vardan, who was serving as a soldier in the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war, Rose and her husband Aksel decide to have a baby boy to keep the memory of Vardan alive. However, their teenage daughter Ani is against this idea, as she lives through grief of her brother's death in a completely different way.


 2024, Armenia, 15 min.

 Director: Mary Danielyan

 Beno is a 30-year-old man whose life, one might say, came to a halt after the war. In his rural everyday life, Benno can no longer stick to his usual routine; instead, he has formed a new one: to find and kill an owl whose periodic hooting keeps him restless. Every day, he wakes up and falls asleep with the sounds of the owl in his ears. However, Beno is not alone. There is Sahk, who wants to help Beno in everything. Despite hearing from neighbors that there are no owls in the village, Sahk wants to believe in Beno and thinks that with his help, Beno will find the owl. Beno does not allow Sahk to accompany him into the woods, so Sahk decides to do it on his own. The little child, unaware of the danger and only concerned with helping Beno, goes into the woods alone, climbs a tree, and tries to call the owl. Benno is also in the woods and, seeing movement in the tree, aims his gun at Saak. This marks the end of Benno's desperate attempts to find the owl. The owl's voice doesn't disappear, but Benno will learn to live with it.

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