“This artist’s talent is truly multifaceted. Since adolescence, he has acted in films and played in the theater. His work has received numerous prizes and awards. Kozlovsky also tried himself as a director. And in 2015, he demonstrated his vocal abilities for the first time, performing in a solo concert-performance. And now another work in which viewers from many parts of the world will be able to see their favorite artist from a new, unexpected side. Danila Kozlovsky became not only a performer, but also the author of the play. Work on it was carried out jointly with Savva Savelyev, who also acted in the production as a director. The name was not chosen by chance; it encodes a unique message for the audience. On the one hand, it refers to the name of the famous singer Frank Sinatra, who is Kozlovsky’s idol and whose songs will be the main highlight of the show. On the other hand, it points to the word “frank” itself, which in translation sounds like “frank, sincere.” Indeed, it will be an evening of revelations. During the musical one-man performance, the actor will share unique memories of his childhood and studies at the Kronstadt Naval Corps, talk about his first love and the idols he admired in his youth.”

Photo and video