03 Nov Sunday Sun 20:00
Karen Demirtchian Sport/Concert Complex
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03 Nov Sunday Sun 20:00
Спортивно-концертный комплекс имени Карена Демирчяна
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DDT is a cult Russian group, without which it is impossible to imagine Russian rock as a phenomenon. The team was assembled in 1980 by Yuri Shevchuk. Since then, his songs - “What is autumn”, “I’m going to my homeland”, “Don’t shoot!” and many others - for decades they have united generations, invariably representing an example of free creativity and genuine love for people.

DDT's performances are always a sign of the quality of live music and a spectacular visual show, as well as an atmosphere of amazing power and sincerity. The concert that the group will give in Yerevan is special, since it has not had a tour or big concerts since 2020. During this period, the group released two studio albums - “Creativity in the Void” and “Creativity in the Void 2”, and Yuri Shevchuk, together with musician Dmitry Emelyanov, released the album “Wolves in the Shooting Range”.The concert will be the only one in the region and will take place at the largest venue in Armenia. Both well-known compositions and new songs from the latest releases will be performed on stage.

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