On June 28, a large-scale ANNA ASTI show will take place in Yerevan! ANNA ASTI opened a new chapter in her creative career and returned to the stage as a solo artist.Singing soul of a woman is the performer’s new motto, which speaks of the fight for the voices of women and their support with her songs.“I truly believe that I can help many women find themselves, not give up, be proud of themselves and not be stopped by any obstacles.”Despite the new sound, the singer has retained her signature style: ANNA ASTI, her songs and her voice always have a soul-healing effect on listeners.

ANNA ASTI is the first Russian-speaking performer to be in the TOP 50 of the global Apple Music artist chart. In addition, Anna is the first among the performers whose album was in the top 100 of Apple Music charts in countries such as Germany, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, Malta and the Netherlands.In 2023, the artist went on tour - the total number of spectators who attended the show exceeded 310,000 people. As part of the tour, ANNA ASTI performed in 46 cities: among them, three consecutive concerts in Minsk, which attracted 45,000 spectators.And on June 28, ANNA ASTI will delight you with her show, which promises to be bright and truly large-scale. Colorful scenery and special effects, a light show, clear sound, original choreography, interesting images of the singer and, of course, her favorite songs performed live - fans of the artist and fans of high-quality modern pop music will see and hear all this this summer.

June 28 SKK im. Karen Demirchan

Doors at 18:00

Starts at 20:00

Photo and video