12 Jul Friday Fri 19:00
Karen Demirtchian Sport/Concert Complex
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The first show that became a platform for female comedians. Female humor can be shocking - if you think women don't swear, don’t complain about children, don’t joke about sex, and many other "don'ts". There are no forbidden topics for the comedians of this project. They honestly talk about what they don’t like. The girls openly and humorously ridicule the stereotypes of family life that have been cultivated in society for centuries, openly declare that being a good mother is actually very difficult, and how important it is to remain a separate individual with their own interests in marriage. Get ready for the fact that women's humor can be shocking. It will be truthful! It will be tough! After the successful first concert in July 2023, the girls will come to Yerevan with a new program and an updated lineup.

On July 12, the stage of the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex will feature:

  • Karina Meikhanadzhian
  • Varvara Shcherbakova
  • Nadya Dzhabrailova
  • Bella Malu,
  • Sasha Muratova
  • Margarita Rodina

Photo and video